Sewage Treatment

We are the accredited installers for Titan Pollution Control who are the market leaders in manufacturing quality treatment plants. For domestic treatment plants we now only advise a BBA certified plant.

We provide specialist advise that will help you chose a new, modern unit that will treat the sewage and discharge clear, treated water back into a nearby watercourse, ditch or soakaway.

We work with you to ensure that the product you chose is right for your needs and can specify units for a single house (a 6 person unit) up to a specially designed unit for  up to 500 people on a hotel and golfing complex.

We are also the local suppliers and installers of Mantair sewage treatment conversion units. The Mantair Conversion Unit is a purpose made unit designed to fit completely within an existing septic tank or cesspool, effectively converting it into a small sewage treatment plant

We will advise on the relevant Building Regulations and assist with the necessary Environment Agency applications that are required to discharge to a watercourse. 


We offer a complete service, from initial sizing and specification, to installing the unit in its final location and getting it up and running.  We always try to ensure that you are never left without services overnight and work with you and your own personal requirements.

We are always keen to ensure that our work is finished to the highest standard and take pride in our finish.  We specialise in domestic works for private clients and as such have been recommended by both the Sunday Times and Channel Four Grand Designs.